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Leanna Foxxx

Alias: Nasty Ladyxxx, Dixie Dynamite, Leanna Foxx, Leona Fox, Rene Foxx, Renee Foxx

Pays: United States

Née: 1969-12-09

œil: Brown

Cheveu: Brown

La taille: 160 cm

Poids: 48 kg

Seins: Fake

Des vues: 2.1K

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She is most notable for a series of films in which she appeared (billed as "Dixie Dynamite&quot while wearing a pair of impractically large prosthetic breasts on a leather harness. The leather harness was created and fitted by master leather craftsman Mark Grissom. Forever indebted to Grissom for spurring her fame, Foxxx dedicated all her movies to him. The two continue to collaborate on all Foxxx's leather costumes and embellishments.

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